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1. Edward Lee. 1874--1949, US psychologist, who worked on animals and proposed that all learnt behaviour is regulated by rewards and punishments (Thorndike's law or law of effect)
2. Dame (Agnes) Sybil. 1882--1976, British actress



a family of German motion-picture directors.

Andrew Thorndike. Born Aug. 30,1909, in Frankfurt am Main. Member of the Socialist Unity Party of Germany (SEPG). Member of the Academy of Arts of the German Democratic Republic (1961).

In the late 1930’s, Thorndike supervised a department of the Ufa film studio. He was persecuted by the Gestapo; in 1942 he was sent to the front. He became a motion-picture director in 1948. Thorndike directed the film Wilhelm Pieck—the Life of Our President (1951). In 1952 he began collaborating with his wife, Annelie.

Annelie Thorndike. Born Apr. 17, 1925, in Klützow. Member of the SEPG since 1946.

Together the Thorndikes directed the documentaries You and Another Comrade (1956; released in the USSR as This Must Not Happen Again), Holiday in Sylt (1957), Operation TeutonicSword (1958), and The Diary of a German Woman (1969). The work of the Thorndikes has an antifascist orientation. In 1963 they directed the two-part film The Russian Miracle, about the history of the Soviet Union. A number of the Thorndikes’ films have been awarded prizes at international film festivals. The Thorndikes received the State Prize of the German Democratic Republic in 1952, 1956, and 1963. They were awarded orders of Lenin.

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