For ancient Egyptian kings thus named, use Thutmose.
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Thothmes III refers to it in the account of his expedition to Syria in 1479 BC, and it occurs again in the records of the expedition of Seti I in 1313 BC.
By what name is the obelisk of Thothmes III on London's Embankment known?
my pylons, colonnades thieved by Thothmes, as if he sailed to
1878: Cleopatra's Needle, the obelisk of Thothmes II, was erected on London's Embankment
Also on This Day: 1440: Eton College received itsfirst charter; 1878: The obelisk of Thothmes III, 'Cleopatra's needle', was erected on the Thames Embankment, London; 1923: As the German mark collapsed, pounds 1 was equal to 600 million marks;1953: Senator John F Kennedy married Jacqueline Bouvier; 1960: MOTs for cars were introduced in the UK; 2001: Downing Street was evacuated and the highest security measures were taken in London following the September 11 terrorist attacks.
1878: Cleopatra's Needle, the obelisk of Thothmes III, was erected on London's Thames Embankment;