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The issue for 1912 carried the article Les mains fluidiques et la photographie de la pensee, which included photographs of fluidic hands in various degrees of materializations and in various degrees of deformation, and examples of thoughtography in the form of photographs of a full moon (Ochorowicz, 1912) .
My explanatory scheme, when generalized from the limited domain of Serios thoughtography to the possible thoughtographing of the world, may help scientists understand the nature of time and of the self obscuring the supranatural in our world.
He is also very well known for his research with Ted Serios, a psychic claimant who was tested by Eisenbud for his claims of thoughtography (thoughts being psychically represented on photographic film).
Poltergeist phenomena, thoughtography, levitation, and a host of intriguing other phenomena are covered in this chapter.
Explanations for Serios's "thoughtography" are just as elusive (and always have been) as explanations for the Gold Leaf Lady herself, and Braude does not really offer any speculations.