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(also Thraco-Dacian), the language of the Thracians. An Indo-European language, Thracian is attested by a number of inscriptions, the most important of which were found in Ezerov and Kulmen in Bulgaria. The inscriptions consist of numerous proper nouns, several dozen glosses on the works of classical and Byzantine authors, and the Dacian names of plants from the list of Dioscorides, a physician of the late classical period. Thracian includes Mysian, which is represented by one inscription found in Asia Minor and by several glosses. Some specialists, including the Bulgarian scholar V. Georgiev, regard Daco-Mysian as a language separate from Thracian proper. Traces of a Thracian substratum have been preserved in the modern Balkan languages, particularly Rumanian and Albanian.


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Bulgaria has four major vine and wine regions defined by the soil and climatic conditions and the grape varieties: the Danube Plain region (northern Bulgaria); the Black Sea region (eastern Bulgaria), the Thracian Lowlands (southern Bulgaria) and the Strouma Valley (southwestern Bulgaria).
If all three players win one match in their respective group, all three will compete in a play-off THE LOWDOWN Course Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort, Kavarna, Bulgaria Prize money [euro]3m ([euro]800,000 to the winner) Length 7,291 yards Par 72 Field 24 When to bet By 10.05am tomorrow Where to watch Live on Sky Sports from midday tomorrow Time difference Bulgaria is two hours ahead of the UK and Ireland Course overview The World Match Play, a tournament which was held at Wentworth in Surrey for most of its existence, moved to Finca Cortesin in Spain in 2009, and has now switched to Thracian Cliffs, becoming the first European Tour event staged in Bulgaria.
SOFIA: Bulgarian mogul Vasil Bozhkov is opening- up his private collection of rare Thracian artifacts, offering a glimpse of an ancient civilization which has left no written records.
Besides the wine, the village turns out to be known for one of the best preserved medieval fortresses and a magnificent domed Thracian tomb, built in the fourth century BC.
The ceremony was held at the Military Club in the capital city of Sofia and the doctorate was presented to Prince Alwaleed by Professor Ivan Stankov, rector of Thracian University.
'The Thracian Wonder' by William Rowley and Thomas Heywood: A Critical Edition.
7), the Thracian custom of mourning births and celebrating deaths (2.6.12), Mucius Scaevola with his hand in the fire (3.3.1), Regulus returning to Carthage (1.1.14), and Horatius Cocles on the bridge (3.2.1).
The Thracian women, outraged by this behavior, tore him to pieces in a bacchanalian revel -- and Orpheus thus suffered the same fate as his god Dionysus.
Temperatures will drop but the Upper Thracian Lowland and the far southwest areas will still be hot.
They cover ancient Thrace in the modern imagination: ideological aspects of the construction of Thracian studies in Southeast Europe (Romania, Greece, Bulgaria); the afterlife of a commonwealth: narratives of Byzantium in the national historiographies of Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Romania; feud over the Middle Ages: Bulgarian-Romanian historiographical debates; the Ottoman legacy in the Balkans; and the concept of national revival in Balkan historiographies.
Antalya was in second place with 15.89 percent of visitors, while the Thracian city of Edirne came in third with 9.82 percent.