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see mimic thrushmimic thrush,
common name for members of the Mimidae, a family of exclusively American birds, allied to the wrens and thrushes, that includes the mockingbird, the catbird, and the thrashers. Mimic thrushes are most numerous in Mexico.
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Given the strength of the fan base for professional sports properties like the Atlanta Thrashers, bringing this kind of programming to Internet audiences is the logical next step," said Blake Lewin, vice president of interactive development for Turner Entertainment Group.
But without Kariya for the first time this season, the Ducks played just bad enough to get scorched at The Pond as an announced crowd of 12,051 watched the lifeless Ducks lose 4-2 to the second-year Atlanta Thrashers.
Against the Thrashers, Bryan Smolinski cut the lead to 6-5 with 6:30 left in the third.
In addition, the Thrashers will now benefit from Stan's expert management, while Brad brings his creativity and programming expertise to bear on our WCW franchise and the networks that air its programming, TBS Superstation and TNT.
But the second-year Thrashers had six victories in eight games before losing to the Blues last Friday.
Funny, but those words never came up during the Kings' practice Wednesday in preparation for tonight's game against the second-year Atlanta Thrashers.
Emerson played last season for the expansion Atlanta Thrashers until he was traded to the Kings on March 15 with Kelly Buchberger.
Murray has to decide whether to play Robitaille on Friday in Anaheim against the rival Ducks, or let him rest until a game against the expansion Atlanta Thrashers five days later.
First we had the Eagle and the Hawk (Taffin Tests, March/April 2010) and now a whole flock of Thrashers have landed, and I've been busy at the Taffin Trappin's Threshin' out Thrashers.
The Atlanta Thrashers hockey team has been purchased by an owner who intends to move the National Hockey League franchise to Winnipeg, returning the sport to the capital of Manitoba, Canada, for the 2011-2012 season.
Instead of quickly buying out their co-owner's interest for a fair price in the fall of 2005, plaintiffs were tied up in litigation for five years, operation of the Atlanta Hawks and the Atlanta Thrashers was impaired and title to the franchises was clouded," the lawsuit said.