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A tight threaded joint (use Teflon tape) is effective.
A female connector with a self-locking threaded joint.
The objective is to choose an insert with sufficient torque resistance to accommodate the tightening torque necessary to achieve sufficient axial tension load on the threaded joint to keep it together and prevent loosening, while also achieving pull-out values necessary for the load conditions that the insert will be exposed to while in service.
PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: PTFE TAPE Use PTFE tape to make a water seal on a threaded joint.
Spiralock wire thread inserts are used by diesel and gas engine manufacturers and aerospace companies for soft materials such as aluminum or magnesium to provide the threaded joint with added strength, secure locking and multiple reusability.
At the same time, we also developed and introduced a unique threaded joint design that has some of the best wear characteristics in the industry.
External load of the threaded joint can be schematized by two main components.
They are designed to preserve the integrity of a plastic threaded joint when a metal bolt is inserted, preventing creep, loosening and eventual failure of the joint.
Otherwise, you may unscrew the threaded joint inside the house.
The wedge ramp not only eliminates the transverse motion that causes loosening under vibration but also distributes the loads of the threaded joint throughout all the engaged threads.
This design spreads the clamp force more evenly over all engaged threads, reducing fatigue failure and increasing the integrity of the threaded joint, thus dramatically increasing the holding power of any standard male fastener, without excessive torque or messy friction additives.