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Chinese film Bing'Ai, about the Three Gorges Dam project
He reiterated Government's assurance of all possible facilitation to the Three Gorges Dam Project Company in construction of dams and alternate energy projects in the country.
The corporate leaders whom the president met separately, included the chief executive officers and delegations of the EXIM Bank of China, Three Gorges Dam Project Corporation, China Northern Railways Corporation, China Northern Industries Corporation, China Petrochemical Corporation, Sinotruk, Tebian Electric and Apparatus Stock Co, Sinohydro Corporation and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.
"The intensity of the resettlement will surpass that of the Three Gorges Dam Project, because that involved a million migrants over about 10 years, and the resettlement for the South-to-North Water Transfer Project must be completed in over two years," the paper quoted Zhang as saying.
A new government report says that China's Three Gorges Dam project has doubled in cost.
The massive Three Gorges Dam project is also damaging the overall water quality, ecosystems of the wetlands and fish stocks, according to the report.
During a visit to China's Three Gorges Dam project in the late 1990s, Samuel Turvey asked what effect the construction would have on the baiji, also known as the Yangtze River dolphins.
In China, the controversial Three Gorges Dam project has uprooted nearly 1.5 million people from their homes, which, in some cases, had been inhabited by their ancestors for millennia.
Finally, his photographs of Chinese urban landscapes as well as the Three Gorges Dam project are absolutely compelling.
MONTREAL The top-grossing English-Canadian film this month is a documentary about the impact of the giant Three Gorges Dam project in China.
Cox & Kings says this is the year to cruise the great river Yangtse, before it is changed forever by the Three Gorges Dam project. Its 13-night China trip, including three on the Yangtse, starts at pounds 2,695.
But Three Gorges Dam project director Wang told a press conference in Beijing on Tuesday, ''Before the dam was built this was an area prone to geological disasters, but we have invested over 10 billion yuan ($1.35 billion) to prevent this.