Threshold of Pain

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Threshold of Pain


the intensity of acoustic pressure at which pain develops in the ear.

The upper limit of the dynamic range of human audibility is often determined by pain. The threshold of pain is to a very small degree dependent on the frequency of the sound. In persons conditioned to hearing loud sounds, the threshold of pain for sinusoidal signals averages 140 decibels (dB) in relation to a pressure of 2 X 10–5 newtons/m2 or 2 X 10–4 dynes/cm2 and 120 dB for noises with a continuous spectrum. In the absence of conditioning, the threshold of pain is approximately 10 dB lower in both cases. Acoustic trauma may result from exposure to loud sounds.

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Frosts are also affected by varicose veins, cardiovascular diseases, obliterating endarteritis (gradual narrowing of the vessels, mainly the arteries of the legs), diabetes mellitus with diabetic polyneuropathy (lowering the threshold of pain and temperature sensitivity of the upper and lower extremities).
At that point, we just thought you just built up a high threshold of pain and courage.
I had this chronic pain in my sinus that was grade 10," she said, referring to the top threshold of pain that doctors measure in patients.
It has been postulated that human skin can release significant amounts of opioid peptides, modifying the threshold of pain under different stimuli, such as heat or ultraviolet radiation.
He has a very high threshold of pain,'' Farrell said once again on Tuesday night, describing how the right fielder has battled back from hamstring issues all year long.
Other way to quantify the threshold of pain is through the dolorimeter of pressure, a device that applies measurable pressures in points of the body surface, and establishes the threshold of the pain appearance and its level of tolerance (TASTEKIN et al.
A bullfrog has a decibel range of around 120db at its peak, the equivalent of being in the front row of a loud rock concert and equal to the human threshold of pain.
The reason we don't have it already is that fuel prices haven't reached a sufficient threshold of pain and although emissions are a concern to pilots, we haven't accepted the idea that we can and should do something about it.
The threshold of pain is measured at 130dB, the equivalent of a 999 siren at 100ft.
Many footballers have constructed an enviable career on nothing much more than an appetite for hard work and a high threshold of pain, and there are rugby players who have claimed international honours by virtue of a violent streak that would render them beyond the pale in almost any other walk of life.
He was allowed to die at last, of pneumonia, because my parents had signed papers in advance, asking that their lives not be extended by heroic measures once they had crossed an irreversible threshold of pain or dementia.
A chart outside that chamber shows the decibel scale, explaining that the threshold of pain is 10 billion times louder than a whisper - a level that surely was achieved by one group of 10-year-old girls as they aimed to blow the decibel meter well into the red zone.

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