Threshold of Pain

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Threshold of Pain


the intensity of acoustic pressure at which pain develops in the ear.

The upper limit of the dynamic range of human audibility is often determined by pain. The threshold of pain is to a very small degree dependent on the frequency of the sound. In persons conditioned to hearing loud sounds, the threshold of pain for sinusoidal signals averages 140 decibels (dB) in relation to a pressure of 2 X 10–5 newtons/m2 or 2 X 10–4 dynes/cm2 and 120 dB for noises with a continuous spectrum. In the absence of conditioning, the threshold of pain is approximately 10 dB lower in both cases. Acoustic trauma may result from exposure to loud sounds.

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"I have a pretty good threshold of pain, I've broken bones before, but nothing compares to that.
The therapist, who never demonstrated any feelings before, sensed that the perplexed producer had passed the threshold of pain and.
The CPM involves lowering the intensity of pain or boosting the threshold of pain to a particular stimulus (test stimulus), during or after the application of another painful stimulation (conditioning stimulus) applied to a distant part of the body [4, 5].
Two clinical trials into the Kaia app show a significant reduction in LBP by 40%, well above the clinical threshold of pain improvement.
"At that point, we just thought you just built up a high threshold of pain and courage.
"I had this chronic pain in my sinus that was grade 10," she said, referring to the top threshold of pain that doctors measure in patients.
If there is a threshold of pain and tolerance, this must be it.
It has been postulated that human skin can release significant amounts of opioid peptides, modifying the threshold of pain under different stimuli, such as heat or ultraviolet radiation.
"He has a very high threshold of pain,'' Farrell said once again on Tuesday night, describing how the right fielder has battled back from hamstring issues all year long.
Other way to quantify the threshold of pain is through the dolorimeter of pressure, a device that applies measurable pressures in points of the body surface, and establishes the threshold of the pain appearance and its level of tolerance (TASTEKIN et al., 2010).
"Most attorneys have developed a very high threshold of pain. They think workweeks of 60 or 70 hours and being stressed out all the time are normal.

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