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where, [mu]([T.sub.0]) is the carrier mobility at room temperature [T.sub.0], m is the mobility temperature exponent, [V.sub.th0] is the threshold voltage at 0[degrees] K, and k is the temperature coefficient of [].
For MIS type GaN power transistors, the issue was that a hysteresis attributed to electron traps within the gate insulator was often observed in the drain current characteristics resulting in a variation of the threshold voltage.
When the front gate is logic low, the back gate is also biased to low voltage, which raised the threshold voltage and reduced the leakage current.
There are a number of commercially available diodes suitable for RF energy-harvesting applications keeping in view the low threshold voltage, low series resistance and junction capacitance, and high breakdown voltage.
Staggering of the threshold voltages in the S3R and the bus voltage evolution with a positive charge step.
Section 2 presents the conventional threshold voltage definitions of mOsFET.
6 was fabricated with the drain and gate connected with a wire (and to drive the transistor into saturation when the bias voltage was above the threshold voltage).
In addition to its 200V rating, which is twice that of its competitors, the ZXGD3111N7 has a low turn-off threshold voltage with a tight tolerance of -5mV to -1mV.
The doping sensitivity functions were originally introduced in [16, 17] to show how much the threshold voltage or the terminal currents of a metal-oxide-semiconductor transistor are changing by adding one dopant atom at a given location inside the transistor.
The sensing action is done by the changing of its threshold voltage (turn on voltage) by the presence of H+ in the measuring solution [30].
The comparator threshold voltage is set by the 12-bit DAC on the ESI module.