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A condition characterized by an increase in the absolute number of thrombocytes in the circulation. Also known as piastrenemia; thrombocythemia.



an increase in the number of platelets to more than 400,000 per mm3 in the peripheral blood. It may result from the increased production of platelets in the bone marrow, as in erythremia; from slow lysis of platelets, for example, after surgical removal of the spleen; or from the redistribution of platelets in the bloodstream during physical or mental stress. Thrombocytosis may lead to thrombosis, and occasionally to an increased tendency to bleed owing to disturbance of the microcirculation or to defects in the platelets themselves (thrombocytolytic purpura). Therapy involves treatment of the underlying disease, as well as the prevention of thrombosis.

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The cancers commonly diagnosed in patients with thrombocytosis were lung and colorectal, and a third of these patients had no other symptoms indicating malignancy.
As such, all 3 automated methods can be used for the screening and ruling out of thrombocytopenia and thrombocytosis in patients with thalassemia.
Our research suggests that substantial numbers of people could have their cancer diagnosed up to three months earlier if thrombocytosis prompted investigation for cancer.
One-third of patients with thrombocytosis and lung or colorectal cancer had no other symptoms that would indicate to their GP that they had cancer.
In addition, microsurgical procedures are at high risk of failure in such cases owing to local oedema and the thrombocytosis that is frequently present with this kind of injury.
Platelets play an important role in coagulation, and thrombocytosis may depict that clotting process was initiated in response to intravascular hemorrhages and bleeding.
Laboratory tests revealed a mild thrombocytosis (578.
2 fL (normal reference range, 80-100 fL) and thrombocytosis with platelets of 546 per microliter (reference range, 130-400 per microliter).
17) Mild thrombocytosis was detected in 7 of 8 infants; no other adverse effects were reported.
3 desaturation, months) thrombocytosis, neutropenic fever, high fever Dotis 2012 Female 8 Peritonitis K.