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(aerospace engineering)
The varying of the thrust of a rocket engine during powered flight.
(control systems)
Control by means of intermediate steps between full on and full off.
An adiabatic, irreversible process in which a gas expands by passing from one chamber to another chamber which is at a lower pressure than the first chamber.



the flow of a fluid, vapor, or gas through a throttle—a local hydrodynamic resistance to a current (narrowing of a pipe, valve, or tap)—during which there is a change in pressure and temperature (the Joule-Thomson effect). The throttling effect is used mainly for copious cooling and liquefaction of gases. It is widely used to measure and regulate the consumption of liquids and gases.

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He's even had a deal with Verizon to measure throttling at U.S.
When the battery issue was first identified, it was assumed that the throttling was related to battery's ability to hold a charge.
The aim of this article is to study the matching mechanism of the variable geometries of this ACE, keep enough potential in maintaining airflow during throttling with fewer variable geometries, and analyze the effect of its simple configuration on its variable cycle characteristic.
Microsoft officials said they were experimenting with power throttling with some, but not all, testers.
The FTC charges that TracFone has been throttling consumers or cutting unlimited service since 2009.
Data throttling is the practice of deliberately slowing a customer's connection, even when they have an unlimited data plan, as the fire department had.
Condensate throttling, based on Siemens' SPPA-P3000 Frequency Control Solution, is used for immediate generation of additional power for frequency control.
The company was then accused of throttling speeds on its network, which the company's flamboyant CEO, John Legere, refuted, through a video message.
It thus becomes possible to vary the flow cross-section from zero throttling to close to 100% closure.
Developed by David Coffnes, a researcher at Northeastern University, WeHe is intended to act as a monitor to prevent mobile carriers and internet providers from throttling services and slowing data speeds-a violation of one of the bright line rules of net neutrality.
Critics accused T-Mobile of throttling users' Internet, not allowing equal access to all services on its network.