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Stackpole's RNV series of thru-hole resistors offers outstanding high voltage surge handling; up to 7 KV for 50 surges per IEC 60065.
Features of the ER10M thru-hole RF inductor series include:
These components are known as thru-hole (sometime spelled through-hole) components, and are still popular today.
Featuring a DOSA compatible pin-out, the iAD series of 16-Amp non-isolated, single inline package (SIP), thru-hole mounted devices are only 2.
The line also offers retracting clamps, edge clamps, thru-hole hydraulic cylinders, rotary unions, collet chucks, and work supports.
Thru-hole components supplied as conformally coated axial devices.
The device mounts to an adapter board terminated with male thru-pins, creating a thru-hole solder tail socket for BGA devices.
The Hawk TC-300 CNC turning center has thru-hole bar stock capacity of 3.
The digital- features Hawk TC-300 CNC Turning Center; with large thru-hole bar stock capacity of 3.
Die-Sized and Thru-Hole Packages With the Robustness Needed for Standard Pick-and-Place or Hand-Assembly Manufacturing Processes
2 mounting options: a robust magnetic mount and a center thru-hole.
The ROTA NCD lathe chuck features an extra large thru-hole and uses collet top jaws for accurate clamping of small diameter workpieces.