Thrust System

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Thrust System


in structural mechanics, a system or design in which the response to an external force perpendicular to a straight line passing through two hinges (or supports) is a reaction at an angle to the straight line. The two-hinged arch in Figure 1 is an example of a thrust system. In the presence of a vertical load, horizontal components of the reaction arise at the

Figure 1. Two-hinged arch: (H) thrust

hinges; these components are called thrust. Other examples of thrust systems are two-dimensional suspension systems and many three-dimensional systems, such as suspended shells, membranes, cupolas, and vaults.

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The 3D surfaces show that the Bhal Sayedan area is structurally a south-verging thrust system comprises three blocks separated by the two thrust faults which are named as follows:
Just before we left our assigned airspace for the final aerial refueling of the night, the master caution went off with CAUT DEGD (degraded ability to display cautions) and NO RATS (reduced authority thrust system, a critical system for CVN recoveries) Cautions present and my radar indicating an overheat condition.
Regarding the structure, the Central and Western Precordillera form an east-verging imbricate thrust system, while the Eastern Precordillera consists of west-verging structures (Baldis and Chebli, 1969; Allmendinger et al., 1990; von Gosen, 1992; Ramos, 1995).
The spacecraft's thrust system is configured for the Mars Orbit Insertion (MOI) manoeuvre and would be performed on 24 September 2014.
The Paleogene to recent thrust belts along the Adria margin include Dinaric thrust systems, the South-Alpine thrust system and Dinaric faults.
Rack-and-pinion thrust system provides outstanding power transfer and performance for a wide range of HDD jobs.
These ranges are marked by Khisor frontal thrust system along which Cambrian rocks are thrust over the Punjab Foreland in the south (Blisniuk, et al., 1998 and Alam, et al., 2008, 2005 and 2014).
The spacecraft's thrust system is configured for Mars Orbit Insertion (MOI) and TCMs Operations.