see DuggahDuggah
or Dougga
, village, Tunisia, SW of Tunis. It is a tourist spot noted for the ruins of the ancient city of Thugga, including a Punic mausoleum (2d cent. B.C.); temples, arches, a theater, a circus, and an aqueduct of Roman times; and a Byzantine fortress.
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, Tunisia.
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In spite of some lacunae, we learn from it that the Republic of Thugga (Dougga's ancient name) offered this temple to honor the goddess, the city, and the Gabinius family, who were obligated perpetually to maintain it.
The original surveyors detected the city names of Thugga and Laodicea, and the province names of Dalmatia, Judea, Mesopotamia and Syria.
Poinssot, "Statue du temple de Saturne (Thugga)," Karthago 6 (1955): 32-7.
Although a paucity of evidence for Carthage itself forces the author to turn to examples by analogy--not only from other cities in Africa Proconsularis, such as Thugga, but also from other colonial cities such as Urso in Spain--Rives is able to present a convincing portrait of the forces at work in shaping the religious life of the imperial city.
Three long chapters, which together occupy more than two hundred pages, consider successively the nature of public religion in Roman Carthage, the agenda of the Carthaginian elite (deduced mainly from the small town of Thugga in the territorium of Carthage), and the ultimate failure of the civic model of religion.
Likewise, an inscription from Thignica, a small town in the region of Thugga, attests to two men who were decurions of Carthage as well as priests of Aesculapius (CIL VIII 15205).