thumb nut

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wing nut

wing nut
A nut having projections so that it can be tightened with one finger and the thumb.
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* Using your fingers, tighten the thumb nut by turning it clockwise to lock it into position.
Commendations were awarded to Agrifoy (helical grape and grape-cake pump with shaker grate); Boisselet SAS (Acolyte 150 high-clearance tractor-drawn tool carrier); Imeca (Cyro-Flash sequential grape warming tool); Tordable SA (automated vine tying machine for lifting vines); Trelleborg Industrie (rubber-coated thumb nut) and Germany's Wagner Pflanzen Technik GmbH (satellite-controlled drive for planting machines).
The Thumb Nut series of thumbscrews with internal female thread can be used as a stand-alone thumbscrew or in conjunction with the company's Instant Thumbscrew Knob to create a thumbscrew with a check nut, thereby facilitating locking down an adjustment.