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(messaging, open source)
A complete free, open-source e-mail client from the Mozilla Foundation and therefore a true code descendent of the e-mail code in Netscape Navigator. The first non-beta release was in late 2004. The Firefox web browser is from the same source.

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(1) A full-featured email client for Windows, Mac and Linux from the Mozilla Foundation. It provides unique features including a Saved Search feature that provides a virtual mailbox based on specific search criteria. For example, all mail from a particular person can be in a Saved Search folder although the physical messages are stored in several other mailboxes.

Like its Firefox Web browser counterpart, Thunderbird also supports "extensions," which are plug-ins that enhance the program. For more information, visit See Firefox and Penelope.

(2) The code name for AMD's 1.1 GHz Athlon processor introduced in August 2000. The L2 die is on cache. See AMD.
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Lina said Thunder Birds Trading, based in Escolata, Manila, imported in January 2014 three 20-foot container vans declared as corrugated sheets, steel sheets, clamp, flexible hinges but were found to contain corrugated steel sheets.
Thunder Birds Trading also grossly misdeclared the weight and value of their imported shipments to evade the payment of correct taxes.
The Bureau of Customs (BOC) found that Thunder Birds had declared its shipment from China as steel sheets, clamps, flexible tubing and hinges, although the 12 20-foot container vans contained cold rolled steel sheets used in cars, household appliances like stoves, and office steel equipment.
Charged were Thunder Birds owner and proprietor Shine Rapadas Montes and the firm's customs brokers, Jolly Lareza and Arnel Assuncion, for the unlawful importation and fraudulent filing of import documents.
BOC data showed that Thunder Birds was the second largest importer of steel products in 2013, bringing in about 7.
According to the bureau, Thunder Birds never applied for product certification and was not a registered Philippine standard license holder for any steel product.
Thunder Birds trading was the second largest importer of steel products in 2013.
However, as compared with other large importers in the same steel product classification, Thunder Birds paid the second lowest amount of duties and taxes per kilogram of steel product they imported at just P16.
On Friday morning, BOC chairperson John Sevilla filed charges against steel importer Thunder Birds Trading before the Department of Justice after the company declared its shipment of angle bars as steel bars.
He added that Thunder Birds Trading intentionally labeled the shipment wrong to avoid paying higher taxes.

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