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the name of several Egyptian pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty who reigned during the New Kingdom. The most important were Thutmose I and Thutmose III.

Thutmose I. Ruled from 1538 B.C. to 1525 B.C. Thutmose I pursued an active policy of conquest. During his reign, Egyptian armies conquered Nubia as far as the third cataract of the Nile in the south and advanced to the Euphrates River in the north.

Thutmose III. Ruled circa 1525–1473 B.C. Until 1503, Thutmose III was prevented by his stepmother and co-ruler, Hatshepsut, from exercising real authority. In 1503, after her death, he launched a series of successful military campaigns to restore Egyptian supremacy in Syria and Palestine, which had broken away during Hatshepsut’s regency. In 1492 and 1491 he defeated the Mitanni king and seized his possessions west of the Euphrates. In the south he extended Egypt’s boundaries to the fourth cataract of the Nile, and in the west he forced payment of a tribute from Libya. Thutmose III received gifts from the rulers of Assyria, Babylonia, and the Hittite Empire and from the island of Crete. The territories he conquered were made provinces of Egypt and placed under the rule of viceroys.

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He argues that Sinai 357 records the dismayed response of a mining crew to an order from King Thutmoses: "We continued mining for [the month of] Abib.
Where are the Kamose, Ahmose, Queen Makare, Thutmoses, The Queen that STOPPED Alexander the so called Great, DEAD in his tracks, Mansa Musa, Etc Etc, Etc The money is there, but noooo, we loves to beat a DEAD Horse in the ground by ALWAYS telling the same ole 'I'se powerful glad to be serving MASSA type of flicks, and we wonder why our children are so buck wild in the streets, THEY DON'T KNOW THEIR HISTORY!" Dr.
(2) This was his first contact with the Valley of the Kings, where, fifteen years later, he would make the greatest discovery of his life--the tombs of Thutmoses III and Amenhotep II.
On other days, I recall the implacable splendor of Ramesis II and Thutmoses III.
(17) Centuries earlier, Thutmoses III described how he established monuments to mark his borders to the north (the swamps on the Euphrates) and to the south (the Nubian desert).
The children of Africa must know Imhotep, Amenhotep, the son of Hapu, Duauf, Akhenaten, Hannibal, Hatshepsut, Hanno, the Sailor, Thutmoses III, Amadu Bamba, Wole Soyinka, Ngugi wa Thiong'o, Nzingha, Nehanda, Langston Hughes, the Pyramids in Kemet and in Sudan, DuBois, Cheikh Anta Diop, Fanon, Menelik II, Sungbo's Eredo, Kebra Nagast, and so forth.
(12.) For example, Thutmoses III boasts in his annals of crossing the Euphrates and setting up a stela alongside that of his father, Thutmoses I.
IMMORTAL PHARAOH: TOMB OF THUTMOSE III, 10am-5pm City Art Centre, 2 Market Street, Edinburgh.