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a glandular organ of vertebrates, consisting in man of two lobes situated below the thyroid. In early life it produces lymphocytes and is thought to influence certain immunological responses. It atrophies with age and is almost nonexistent in the adult



(thyme), a genus of plants of the family Labiatae. The plants are subshrubs with herbaceous branches and with woody stems that are often decumbent. The small leaves are opposite and, for the most part, petioled. The flowers, which are usually lilac in color, are gathered in a head or some other type of inflorescence. The fruit consists of four nutlike lobes.

There are about 400 species, distributed in the temperate zone of Eurasia and in North Africa. Of the more than 150 species found in the USSR, the most common are wild thyme (T. serpyllum) and T. marschallianus. The former is found in the forest zone, where it grows in pine forests and in arid, sandy places. The latter is encountered on slopes, along forest margins, and in glades in the forest-steppe and steppe zones. The leaves of both species contain a number of essential oils, mainly thymol, which is used as an anthelmintic, a disinfectant, and an analgesic. The liquid extract and tea from the leaves are used as expectorants. Common thyme (T. vulgaris), which grows in the Mediterranean region and is cultivated in the USSR, is used the same way as the above-mentioned species. Thyme leaves are used as a seasoning and flavoring in cooking and by the canning and alcoholic beverages industries.


Alias lekarstvennykh rastenii SSSR. Moscow, 1962.


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It is now understood that the thymus gland is responsible for the differentiation, specialization, maturation, and activation of T-lymphocytes.
50] value) from 309 to 357, and in the weights of spleens and thymus glands in the treated groups.
But one carcass that went through a slaughterhouse in Wick, Scotland, may not have had a thymus gland removed from the neck, despite it being classified as 'specified risk material'.
T-lymphocytes also arise from hematopoietic stem cells in the bone marrow, but unlike B-cells, they migrate to the thymus gland to mature.
Yorkhill Sick Children's Hospital in Glasgow yesterday admitted removing thymus glands from children during operations and using them for research.
The findings could have important implications for those whose thymus glands have been destroyed by the AIDS virus.
If replicated in humans, it is entirely conceivable that we might see widespread use of thymus transplantation to boost immune function in both young children with congenitally absent thymus tissue, and in the much larger population of aging adults whose thymus glands have deteriorated.
meatpacker's factory in Nebraska, containing bovine thymus glands lacking U.
The only other cash that the health unit admitted receiving was 'a small donation' from a pharmaceutical company for supplying tissue from thymus glands, found at the base of the neck.