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1. Chiefly US and NZ the group of candidates nominated by one party in an election; slate
2. Chiefly US the declared policy of a political party at an election

What does it mean when you dream about a ticket?

Having a ticket gives us a right to enter everything from a theater to an airplane. So tickets in a dream could represent a sense of entitlement. A dream could also be drawing on the meaning of a ticket idiom, such as a “meal ticket,” a “big ticket” item, or a “one-way ticket.”

References in classic literature ?
Not only was it sufficient for the ticket, but for a little food also, ' said Kim, leaping to his place.
He stood in a gigantic stone hall paved, it seemed, with the sheeted dead third-class passengers who had taken their tickets overnight and were sleeping in the waiting-rooms.
Ay, and here they cut our tickets,' said the banker, fumbling at his belt.
Moviefone is pleased with the increase in advanced ticket sales, but McGloin said the company partners with studios to raise awareness and build buzz around an upcoming release and influence people to see the film right around the date of its release.
When the American Express One contract came up for renewal last month, Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky said the county was ``being ripped off,'' noting that he paid $1,800 for a ticket to Washington, D.
Sabre Airline Solutions has an e-ticketing enabling product for airlines called SabreSonic Ticket.
Of course, Bidrussian, 21, was moderately peeved that her status as a forward on the school's women's basketball team didn't merit a free ticket, and even more annoyed that fans hadn't been excited enough to buy up all the tournament tickets, which went on sale Tuesday.
As IATA's end of 2007 deadline for the phase-out of paper tickets approaches, we are speaking to more and more carriers who need help to implement e-ticketing smoothly and efficiently.
Officials at the online ticket seller, the nation's largest, said the rapid growth will likely continue.
David Keaveney, president and CEO of MotorSports Emporium, commented, "We are very fortunate to have a small allotment of tickets for the 90th running of the Indianapolis 500 scheduled for May 28, 2006.
In a clear indication of the unprecedented anticipation over George Lucas' prequel, there were 124 different ``Star Wars'' ticket packages on sale at eBay, the leading Internet auction site, less than 24 hours after ticket sales began.