Tidal Marsh

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tidal marsh

[′tīd·əl ′märsh]
Any marsh whose surface is covered and uncovered by tidal flow.
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Tidal Marsh


(in Russian, vatty, from German Watten and Dutch wadden: “coastal spits”), a part of a flat, low-lying seacoast, covered daily the the sea during high tide and free of sea water during ebb tide. The surface of a tidal marsh is characterized by a branched network of tidal and river water troughs that frequently change their position. Tidal marshes are found on the southern coasts of the North Sea as well as along the coasts of the White Sea, the Barents Sea, the Sea of Okhotsk, the Bering Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, and others.

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On the tidal marsh, the seepweed and reed are keeping a thick growth from summer to golden autumn, which forms a world spectacle of 'red beach green reed'.
Dongtan wetland of Chongming, East China, which is a typical tidal marsh with an environmental gradient, has also introduced the species in the 1970s and 1980s [13].
One effort being implemented in the region is the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project, a combination of infrastructure modifications and restoration of former salt ponds to tidal marsh, as recommended under the South San Francisco Bay Shoreline Study.
While a team of hunters poling a boat through a tidal marsh is the classic way of hunting rails, another way of hunting them on your own is by walking them up.
Camp Harkness is a 102-acre state owned property comprised of open and wooded land, tidal marsh and beachfront located at 301 Great Neck Road, Waterford.
When I was asked, back in 2004 while working as an environmental consultant, to prepare a historical background report on the San Francisco Bay Area's salt industry, as part of a larger effort to restore over 15,000 acres of former salt ponds to tidal marsh habitat, my first thought was, 'okay, I'll go find the two or three best books written about the bay's history, write up a summary of the salt story, and be done in a week or so'.
Tidal marsh sedimentation and resilience to environmental change: exploratory modeling of tidal, sea-level and sediment supply forcing in predominantly allochthonous systems.
It's nearly 10,000 acres of coastal hardwood hammock, tidal marsh and oceanfront located between Jacksonville and St.
Forecasting the effects of accelerated sea-level rise on tidal marsh ecosystem services.
Did you know the largest tidal marsh restoration in Oregon history was completed in Bandon in 2011?
"Tidal Marsh Restoration: A Synthesis of Science and Management" explores the advances in the attempts to restore damaged salt marshes that have been reduced in number through human excesses.