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Mutual tidal effects of the Earth and Moon also bring about a very slow reduction of the speed of rotation.
lacustris, and Rivularia sp were higher in distribution at high tide than at low tide while other species showed opposite response to tidal effect (Figure 9).
In the astronomical and geological frames changes are considered in terms of tidal effects induced by the Moon on the Earth.
The tug's owner Svitzer Marine later said although not an unusual manoeuvre, the type of bowto-bow operation in question has rarely been carried out at this particular point in the river where the tidal effect was very strong.
The intense broiling during this time--combined with the Sun's gravitational tidal effect, which will try to pull the solid nucleus apart into a line of rubble--means that anything might happen.
The tidal effect on earthquakes is significant, but small.
Moreover, the comet will be inside the Sun's Roche limit, where the Sun's tidal effect will overpower the nucleus's weak self-gravity.
But Iapetus is so far away from Saturn that the planet's tidal effect would have a hard time slowing down such a rapid spin.