Tien Shan

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Tien Shan,

mountain system: see Tian ShanTian Shan
or Tien Shan
[Chin.,=celestial mountains], mountain system of central Asia, extending c.1,500 mi (2,410 km) from the Pamir Mts., Tajikistan, NE through the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, NW China, to the China-Mongolia border; Pobeda Peak (24,406 ft/7,439
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Tian Shan

, Tien Shan
a great mountain system of central Asia, in Kyrgyzstan and the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of W China, extending for about 2500 km (1500 miles). Highest peak: Pobeda Peak, 7439 m (24 406 ft.)
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With range showing over a couple of hundred kilometres as we head into Turpan we are in for a rude surprise as the road climbs and the range falls and kilometre and kilometre shows no habitation, just the Tien Shan range on our left and a vast expanse of barren land on our right.
A TBEV focus at 2,100 m on the north slope of the Tien Shan mountains is relevant for several reasons.
The Tien Shan Range begins just south of Bishkek, where a spectacular series of snow-capped peaks is easily visible from embassy windows.
To the south, towering snowcapped peaks of the Tien Shan mountain range were unveiled in early evening sunshine.
Karen, who broke her back rock-climbing when she was 21, has also completed an eight-week 1200-mile trek across the Tien Shan and Karakoram mountains of central Asia.
What kind of terrain lies between the Kunlun and Tien Shan mountain ranges?
Las zonas escogidas para realizar los analisis de deformacion interna han sido dos cinturones de pliegues y cabalgamientos como son Talas Ala Tau, situado en el Tien Shan Septentrional en Kirguistan y el Manto de Somiedo y el Antiforme del Narcea, situados en la Zona Cantabrica dentro del Orogeno Varisco en el NO de la Peninsula Iberica.
Ademas, la cuenca del Caspio posee una de las reservas mas grandes de petroleo, mientras que el cinturon Tien Shan Gold (que llega hasta China y Mongolia) es uno de los reductos de oro y plata mas grandes del mundo.
So far Abi has raised pounds 3,500 for the Children of Tien Shan charity which helps abandoned kids in Kyrgyzstan.
Glaciers in Central Asia's Tien Shan Mountains shrunk by nearly 30% between 1955-90.
The snow leopard (Uncia uncia), which ranges through the Himalayas, Hindu Kush, Tien Shan and other Central Asian mountain ranges, has an estimated wild population of only 3,500 to 7,000 individuals.
The region of Northern Tien Shan where Almaty is in, is situated in high-seismic zone on the planet.