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see TbilisiTbilisi
or Tiflis
, city (1989 pop. 1,259,682), capital of Georgia, SW Asia, on the Kura River and the Transcaucasian RR and at the southern end of the Georgian Military Road.
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, Georgia.



until 1936, the name of Tbilisi, capital of the Georgian SSR.

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Her ne kadar Saakasvili, Basbakan Erdogan'in 14 Agustos Tiflis ziyareti sirasinda KIIP'e yonelik destek aciklamasi yaptiysa da, Gurcistan'in genel tavrinin, guvenilir bir aktor oldugunu ispat etmedigi surece, Rusya ile ortak hicbir zeminde yer alinamayacagi yonundedir.
A visit to Tiflis had made a deep and positive impression upon him regarding imperial Russian culture, and Russian officials returned the respect by describing him as a man with a "sharp mind and a strong character.
The question of whether and how to create an organized system to regulate and control the Muslim clergy in the Caucasus, such as existed for Muslims in other parts of the empire, had occupied Russian officers and administrators in Tiflis and in St.
7) As a former student of the Tiflis Seminary, he was perceived by his comrades as an intelligent, and so he was invariably described in police informers' reports.
The boundaries between the civil and the military were porous, as civilian officials frequently joined in military expeditions and individuals moved freely between posts in Tiflis and in the army, and accordingly I have not distinguished between the types of imperial service.
En 1888 ingreso en la escuela parroquial de Gori y luego, en 1894, gano una beca de cinco rublos para el seminario de Tiflis, la capital de Georgia.
In 1795, when the army of the Persian ruler Agha Mohammed-Khan Qajar directly threatened Tiflis (Tbilisi), however, the Russian troops in Georgia remained neutral; their failure to fulfill their duty as allies cost the lives of tens of thousands of inhabitants of the ravaged city and kingdom.
2 & 4), Stalin received only traditional Christian Orthodox schooling (Gori Theological School and partly Tiflis Theological seminary).
The editors of our present volume consulted Gignineisvhili in Tiflis extensively during the preparation of their new text and came to these conclusions: Dodds's text varies significantly through the absence of the perspective of the twelfth-century Petrizi edition of Proclus's work.
In 1914, more than 1mn Turks were forced into exile from Yerevan and Tiflis and only 702,000 managed to reach the homeland.
Los 227 de Tiflis se redujeron a 50, el grupo de Saratov paso de 271 a 3, y los 226 espanoles que residian en Ufa se marcharon a otros lugares.
Alba will now have to rest and although he should be fit when Barcelona start their BBVA Primera Liga campaign he will miss the final of the European Supoercup next Tuesday, which sees Barca take on their fellow Spaniards, Sevilla, who won last season's Europa League in Tiflis.