Tigranes II the Great

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Tigranes II the Great


(in some sources, Tigranes I). King of Armenia from 95 B.C. to 56 B.C

During the first years of his reign, Tigranes annexed Sophene, Atropatene, and the western part of Media to his kingdom. The kings of Caucasian Albania and Iberia accepted his suzerainty. Tigranes concluded a military and political alliance with King Mithridates VI of Pontus and married Mithridates’ daughter. He then annexed the Syrian possessions of the Seleucids. The city of Antioch, on the Orontes River, became one of the capitals of Armenia; the others were Tigranakert, founded by Tigranes, and Artashat.

In 69 B.C., Tigranes’ forces were defeated outside of Tigranakert by the Roman general Lucullus. Tigranes became a Roman vassal in 66 and received the title of friend and ally of the Roman people. His authority was limited to Armenia proper, the territory of the kingdom of Greater Armenia.

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The Hellenistic king of Syria, Antiochus III, held his wedding at Zeugma in 221 BC; 150 years later, the Armenian king, Tigranes the Great, ordered the execution of Cleopatra Selene, a Hellenistic princess, there.