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a genus of perennial plants of the family Iridaceae. The plants are low cormous herbs with narrow plicate leaves. The flowers are large, measuring 8–10 cm across, and have a petalloid six-lobed perianth in the form of a broad cup. The outer segments of the perianth are two or three times larger than the inner ones. There are three stamens, joined by filaments into a column that embraces the style. The ovary is three-celled and polyspermous.

There are about 13 species (according to other data, as many as 25), distributed from Mexico to Chile. Many species are cultivated for their brightly colored, spotted flowers, which bloom for only eight to ten hours. Especially popular is the tiger flower (T. pavonia), whose cultivation is the same as that of the gladiolus. With early planting, seedlings flower in the same year.


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Actualmente Tigridia hintonii se conoce de dos poblaciones disyuntas y separadas entre si por 150 km en linea recta y tiene un area de ocupacion de 8 [km.
et tota istam hereditatem ganaui ego cum altera muliere Tigridia, et per isto que ganaui istam hereditatem cum illa sedendo, habent illi filii, quos de illa habui, medietatem habent in tom illa hereditate, et altera medietas est mea.
Other bulbs which may come back depending on the winter rain and snow include Gladiolus calianthus, canna, crinum, eucharis, Nerine bowdenii, tigridia and Zantedeschia aethiopica.
Felder, 1867) 667 Doxocopa pavon theodora 2 b d (Lucas, 1857) 668 Colobura dirce dirce 1 2 b c d (Linnaeus, 1758) 669 Historis acheronta acheronta 2 b c d (Fabricius, 1775) 670 Historis acheronta cadmus 2 (Cramer, 1775) 671 Historis odius odius Lamas, 1995 2 672 Historis odius dious Lamas, 1995 2 c d 673 Smyrna blomfildia datis 1 2 c d Fruhstorfer, 1908 674 Smyrna karwinskii 1 2 b c Geyer, [1833] 675 Tigridia acesta ssp.
Plant tuberous begonia, caladium, calla, canna, crocosmia, dahlia, Asian and Oriental lily, Tigridia pavonia, tuberose, and gladiolus (try Gladiolus callianthus for fragrance, baby glads for short, loose spikes).
There are also quite a few unusual bulbs available at cheap prices including tigridia, the tiger flower.
Both Tigridia and Babiana are extremely easy to raise from seed and will normally flower in their second year.
Other tubers and bulbs that can be planted right now for a spectacular summer show are tuberoses, calla lilies, cannas, gladioluses (or gladiolas), tigridia, dahlias and lilies.
Hierba R Iridaceae Tigridia pavonia Hierba perenne R/M Tricholomataceae Tricholoma sp.
Non-hardy types such as tigridia, canna and eucomis should be planted in late spring and lifted after flowering, before the first frost.
Other summer 'bulbs' to look out for include amaryllis, cardiocrinum, crinum, crocosmia, eucomis, gladioli, ixia, ornithogolum, roscoea, tigridia and zantedeschia.
Crocosmia add colour to borders when a lot of other plants are past their best include Gladiolus calianthus, canna, crinum, eucharis, Nerine bowdenii, tigridia and Zantedeschia aethiopica.