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(Russian kantomtel’; from Polish kantować, German kanten, “to turn over”), a mechanism for turning over (tilting) objects during their manufacture, transport, or packing. Tilters are used in forging and pressing shops, foundries, and other types of shops, as well as at warehouses for loading and unloading operations and at places where various products are packed.

The simplest chain tilter, which is used in forge shops, is suspended from the hook of an overhead-travel hoisting crane. An electric motor with a worm reducer, mounted on a rectangular frame, has an output shaft with a sprocket that drives a closed chain loop. A forging is attached to the chain and turns when the chain is moved. These tilters have load lifting capacities of up to 200 tons. More complex tilters known as manipulators (suspended and ground types) are widely used in forging and rolling shops. Suspension-type manipulators are mounted on a monorail trolley that moves along the shop on a rail located beneath the ceiling. The ground-type manipulator is a traveling bridge along which a yoke with pincer-type holding devices moves in a horizontal direction. The yoke can rotate around its own axis and can move vertically. These tilters have lifting capacities ranging from 0.75 to 75 tons.

Tilters consisting of two roller conveyers inclined at an angle, each of which can be turned to a horizontal position, are used for tilting rolls made of sheet steel. Such tilters as crank-guide swivel heads, lever mechanisms, and turning carriages are used during the welding of complex frames, beams, tanks, and the like. Tilters in the form of pushers and pull-out devices, which turn boxes moving on a conveyer by 90°, are used in machinesfor packing finished products into containers, boxes, liners, andso on. The use of tilters with vacuum-type holding devices willmake possible the handling of sheet-type, flat-type, and other types of components (for instance, in printing, light industry, and the food industry).


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