(tyēmän`), mountain ridge, c.350 mi (560 km) long, Komi Republic, NE European Russia. The low Timan ridge divides the extensive Dvina-Pechora lowland into the E Pechora River basin and the western plain, watered by the Northern Dvina River. The ridge extends from the upper Vychegda River NNW to Chesha Bay and continues on Kanin Peninsula. It rises to 1,520 ft (463 m).



a ridge in the northeastern part of the East European Plain. It extends from Cheshskaia Guba of the Barents Sea in the northwest to the sources of the Vychegda River in the southeast (in the Komi ASSR and Arkhangel’sk Oblast, RSFSR).

The Timan Ridge is about 900 km long. It is divided into southern, middle, and northern sections by the valleys of the Pechorskaia Pizhma and Mezenskaia Pizhma rivers. The northern section consists of low ridges, such as Kos’minskii Kamen’ and Timanskii Kamen’, with elevations to 303 m. The middle section is the highest, with elevations to 471 m at Chetlasskii Kamen’. The southern section is plateau-like and is divided by river valleys into a number of individual uplands called parmy, with elevations to 300–350 m.

In geological terms, the Timan Ridge belongs to the region of the Baikalian folding, which is separated from the epi-Karelian Russian Plate by deep faults. In the vaulted part of the uplifts there is an exposed dislocated sedimentary-metamorphic Riphean complex with granite and syenite intrusions. The platform cover is composed of Silurian, Devonian, and Carboniferous marine and continental rocks; the troughs and the sides of the uplifts are composed of Permian, Triassic, and Jurassic deposits.

The Timan Ridge contains many deposits of useful minerals, including placers of titanium minerals at Iarega, bauxites at Chetlasskii Kamen’, oil and natural-gas deposits, jewelry-grade agate associated with Devonian basalt, and construction-grade stone. The northern section of the Timan Ridge lies in the tundra and forest-tundra zone, and the southern section is in the taiga.


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