timber framing

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The timberwork or steelwork that encloses and supports structural components of a building; see bent frame, doorframe, space frame, window frame, framing.
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In the face of a national housing shortage and growing pressure on construction firms to reduce their environmental impact, timber-frame housing is becoming increasingly popular in the UK.
They've been at the center of a timber-frame revival since Tedd Benson rounded the company in 1973.
They have manufacturing bases in Inverurie, Aberdeenshire, and Cumbernauld, near Glasgow, Timber-frame housing accounts for more than two-thirds of new-build homes in Scotland, and the company are keen to employ more people to cope with their ever-increasing workload.
Milne said that with pressure growing on builders to construct carbon-neutral homes timber-frame construction would become increasingly attractive to them.
With many of the contemporary timber-frame houses, structural insulated panels (SIPS) axe fastened to the outside of the frame, and the beautiful heavy timbers axe exposed on the interior.
Founded in 1975, Milne Group are involved in housebuilding, timber-frame manufacture, construction and commercial development.
The only downside was the timber-frame kit was more expensive than the traditional method of building, but the speed of finish meant you could keep costs down and the turnover up.
Timber-frame homes in Ireland have increased their share of the total housing market from 5% to 25% over the past five years.
Ruthin's Nantclwyd House, the largest timber-frame house in Wales Picture: ROBERT PARRY JONES
A south wales timber-frame construction firm is building itself a solid future.
With the conservation of energy a top priority for local and national government Haslam Homes is making sure it keeps energy efficiency in the frame, building timber-frame homes at a number of its sites.