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"One Times Square serves as an advertising platform for the world's most iconic brands," said Michael Phillips, President of Jamestown.
As the centerpiece of Times Square, One Time Square is one of only two stand-alone buildings in the neighborhood offering clear, unobstructed sightlines from all points within the Times Square "bowtie," an area which encompasses Broadway and Seventh Avenues from 43rd Street to 47th Street.
"How do you count a participant in the Times Square ball drop?" Seife asked.
The Times Square Center Chess Tournament was part of the mall's back-to-school activities this month.
Times Square West will have 738 units, offering one-bedroom, two-bedroom to combined units forming three bedrooms.
15, 2011, when the firm will relocate to a new building at 11 Times Square.
In addition to the New Year's Eve broadcast, Times Square gets continuous, year-round media exposure, including the "Good Morning America" TV news program, the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, MTV and Nasdaq Market Watch.
Tompkins, whose group also organizes the Times Square New Year's party, said the kiss-in has now become an annual event.
26, Building 711, Governors Island, NY, 2003, a quasi-abstract close-up taken in the abandoned institution of the title, is one of these, as are the photographs of murals, Trash Can, Broadway Arcade, Times Square, NYC and Ferris Wheel Mural, Broadway Arcade, Times Square, NYC (both 2004).
Long headquartered in Times Square, New York's red-light district (made famous by such movies as Taxi Driver and Midnight Cowboy) is effectively no more.
Finkelstein began casting about for alternate venues; when she saw the Duke Theater at The New 42nd Street Studios, a heavily trafficked tourist area adjacent to blockbusters like The Lion King, she thought to herself, "Wouldn't that be cool--to be on Times Square with modern dance?"