Timing Diagram

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Timing Diagram


a graphic representation of the moments when the valves or ports of an internal-combustion engine open and close relative to the position of the piston, that is, to the angle of rotation of the engine’s crankshaft. On a circular timing diagram (Figure 1), the position of the valves is determined by the angles of advance (or retard) at the moments when the valves are opened (or closed) relative to the top and bottom dead centers of the piston. In engines capable of operating at

Figure 1. Circular timing diagram

higher speeds, the duration of the valve openings is increased because advancing the opening of the exhaust valve and retarding its closing ensure better removal of the exhaust gases from the cylinder. Advancing the opening and retarding the closing of the intake valve facilitate the filling of the cylinder with a fresh fuel mixture.


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A timing diagram for the hybrid synchronization scheme.
Figure 3 is the AD9822 register serial write timing diagram. When the strobe signal SLOAD is at the low level, data on the data line SDATA is serially written to the A/D internal register at the rising edge of the clock SCLK.
Timing diagram of the proposed SAR (successive approximation register) counter
The recommendation when sampling a BLDC system is to request the motor, motor timing diagram and performance curve data all be sent to the drive manufacturer (or drive to the motor manufacturer).
Circuit operation is best explained by an ideal transport delay timing diagram (Figure 1(b) right).
More specifically, the following steps are found in an SPI timing diagram:
Such software include Timing Designer from Forte Design Systems, Timing Diagrammer Pro from Synaptic CAD, Inc, Timing Tool (a free, intranet-based timingtool.com timing diagram editor) and Tau (7).
The supply Sequence control circuit has a fast response time of less than 10 [mu]s as shown by the timing diagram in Figure 2, which cycles the positive voltage to the DC-to-DC converter and monitors the respective gate ([V.sub.g3]) and drain ([V.sub.pa]) voltages of the amplifier.
A sequence of interactions can be illustrated by a timing diagram, which resembles a sequence diagram (Section 3.3.8).
Yong-Li Wang analyzed data streams based on the timing diagram and relationship between objects and locations, as well as relationship between multiple objects (Ge et al., 2007).