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Que., Canada: see TemiscamingTemiscaming
, Témiscamingue
, or Timiskaming
, town (1991 pop. 2,944), SW Que., Canada, at the south end of Lake Timiscaming, NE of North Bay. A paper mill is the town's most important industry. Gold, silver, cobalt, and arsenic are mined in the region.
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During this period, the House expressed its condolence on the death of Edward Michael Havrot, Member for the Electoral District of Timiskaming from October 21, 1971 to September 17, 1975 and from June 9,1977 to May 1,1985.
Timiskaming first nation said it wants to restore the moose population in its territory--about 3400 square km straddling the Ontario/Quebec border--to a healthy size.
People fled into Lake Timiskaming to shelter from the fire and falling
The Timiskaming Graben lies along the border of Ontario and Quebec within the Western Quebec Seismic Zone--a conspicuous belt of heightened intracratonic seismic activity, in eastern Canada.
Development on Timiskaming Crown land was stalled for years when a land caution preventing staking and exploration activities was attached to nearly 10,000 square kilometres of land in the district as a result of the Native claim.
Terry Graves, spokesman for the Against the Adams Mine Coalition, based in New Liskeard in central Timiskaming, said they were watching the situation and were holding a public meeting Jan.
Caption: Grain products are increasingly filling the cars at Ontario Northland with agricultural production expanding in the Timiskaming region.
We received 23,000 signatures from students and young people across the country for that petition we put out against the removal of the post-secondary program," said Chief Conrad Poison of the Timiskaming First Nation.
Logan's 1845 Survey of the Upper Ottawa Valley is a journal kept by Logan during fieldwork that took him up the Ottawa River to Lake Timiskaming from late June to November in 1845.
Timiskaming Child and Family Services, New Liskeard.
The move could have put the lands and rivers of Timiskaming and the Ottawa Valley at risk for 1,000 years, and polls show it was opposed by a majority of Native groups, farmers, environmentalists and ordinary citizens on both sides of the Ontario-Quebec border.