Timofei Alekseevich Raptanov

Raptanov, Timofei Alekseevich


Born June 17 (30), 1906, in Bol’shoi Tolkai, in what is now Pokhvistnevo Raion, Kuibyshev Oblast; died June 4, 1936, in Ardatov. Soviet Mordovian writer. Member of the CPSU from 1930.

Raptanov was first published in 1928. He developed the genre of the novella in Mordovian literature and was one of the first Mordovian novelists. Among his basic themes were the joyless life of the people under tsarism, the Mordovian woman’s lack of rights (the novella Tatiu, 1933), and the struggle to consolidate Soviet power (the autobiographical novel At the Foot of Chikhan Mountain, 1934).


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In Russian translation:
Tatiu. Saransk, 1954.


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