Timofei Mikhailov

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Timofey Mikhaylov
BirthplaceSmolensk, Russian Empire

Mikhailov, Timofei Mikhailovich


Born Jan. 22 (Feb. 3), 1859, in the village of Gavrilovo, now Sychevka Raion, Smolensk Oblast; died Apr. 3 (15), 1881, in St. Petersburg. Russian revolutionary; Narodnik (populist).

Mikhailov came from a peasant family and was an unskilled worker and then a boilermaker in St. Petersburg plants in the mid-1870’s. He attended Land and Liberty workers’ circles and joined the People’s Will workers’ organization in St. Petersburg in 1880. In late 1880, Mikhailov joined a “fighting workers’ druzhina” and in January 1881 a detachment of bomb throwers that the Executive Committee created in an attempt to assassinate Alexander II. He was arrested on Mar. 3, 1881, after a display of armed resistance. A defendant at the Trial of Mar. 1, 1881, he was sentenced to death and hanged along with four other defendants.


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