Timonov, Vsevolod Evgenevich

Timonov, Vsevolod Evgen’evich


Born Aug. 9 (21), 1862, in Odessa; died July 19, 1936, in Leningrad. Soviet hydraulic engineer.

Timonov graduated from the National School of Bridges and Roads in Paris in 1883 and from the St. Petersburg Institute of Railroad Transport in 1886. He became a professor at the St. Petersburg Institute of Railroad Transport in 1895 and established the first hydraulic engineering laboratory in Russia at the institute in 1907. He held various administrative posts in the Ministry of Railroad Transport until 1917. In 1917 he joined the staff of the Supreme Technical Committee of the People’s Commissariat of Railroad Transport.

Timonov’s main works dealt with the construction of ports, bridge and lighthouse building, the improvement of navigation conditions on large rivers, dredging, the formation and behavior of ice, water supply, and sewerage.


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