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Tingling, crawling, or burning sensation of the skin.



an unusual sensation of numbing, pricking, or creeping of the skin that arises either without external cause or under the action of various mechanical factors, such as pressure on a nerve or vessel. Paresthesia may be a manifestation of diseases of the peripheral nervous system or, more rarely, of the sensory centers of the spinal cord or brain.

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The study could lead to a greater understanding of the causes of the tingling sensations experienced by many chronic pain patients.
But he knew it was more serious when the tingling sensation he had turned to a numbness down his right-hand side.
The Crazy Wave is also sure to prove popular as it propels riders forwards and backwards and lifts them up into the air before bringing them back down to earth with a stomach tingling sensation.
The menthol produces a tingling sensation to intensify pleasure.
At first there was a tingling sensation on my skin from the serum but once my therapist applied a cool mask, it soon faded.
The American also claims that he has felt a tingling sensation on his right side down to his fingers.
Symptoms can include a tingling sensation of the mouth and tongue, and respiratory problems.
During the Pac-10 championships, Wes Felix, a Valencia High product, complained of a tingling sensation and shortness of breath after completing the 200-meter dash.
Expect a slight tingling sensation when first applied.
My doctor tells me that the strange, tingling sensation I keep experiencing is called `happiness'.
There is a cooling, tingling sensation as the menthol goes to work on your scalp while wheat amino acids and panthenol make your hair soft and shiny.
Some people complain about an uncomfortable skin flushing or tingling sensation when taking niacin.