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Tingling, crawling, or burning sensation of the skin.



an unusual sensation of numbing, pricking, or creeping of the skin that arises either without external cause or under the action of various mechanical factors, such as pressure on a nerve or vessel. Paresthesia may be a manifestation of diseases of the peripheral nervous system or, more rarely, of the sensory centers of the spinal cord or brain.

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Traditional tonic (a slow physiological response) stimulation uses equally spaced electrical pulses to replace pain with a tingling sensation called paresthesia.
After Szechuan pepper was applied to the lips of volunteers, participants were asked to match the frequency of the resulting tingling sensation by adjusting a vibrating stimulus, either higher or lower, on their fingertips.
Yet another proven option is spinal cord stimulation, which tames sciatica with mild electrical impulses from a small implanted generator so patients experience a tingling sensation rather than sharp or burning pain, says Dr.
You still don't get quite get the buzz of a matchday at St James' Park in many other places, and even visitors from faraway lands speak of the tingling sensation when hearing the theme from Local Hero pumped out around the people's stadium before kick-off.
Some of the victims reported a tingling sensation and were taken to local hospitals as a precaution," he added.
There was immediate veterinary attention, and our inquiry on the day noted the racecourse veterinary surgeons felt a tingling sensation when examining the horses, and that the veterinary surgeons noted particular clinical signs such as muscle contractions.
THE GROOM leading up one of the horses who died at Newbury yesterday, Marching Song, described feeling a tingling sensation followed by a dead arm as he tried to help the stricken Andy Turnell-trained horse, writes Jon Lees.
It is like when your feet go numb while you are sitting or it is like a tingling sensation.
1 : awareness (as of noise or heat) or a mental process (as seeing or smelling) resulting from stimulation of a sense organ <I felt a tingling sensation in my leg.
One theory is that intense stimulation creates a tingling sensation in large nerve fibers that causes the nervous system to block pain signals carried by smaller fibers.
Also new is Aquafresh's Extreme Clean toothpaste that combines a unique citrus flavor with an icy-cool tingling sensation and germ-killing foam.
People often describe a deep warmth and a tingling sensation long after the treatment has ended.