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India: see TirunelveliTirunelveli
, town (1991 pop. 366,869), Tamil Nadu state, SE India. Now an agricultural trading center with motor workshops and manufactures in textiles, jewelry, and cigarettes, it was once an imperial city of the Chola kingdom (c.900–1200). St.
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Indeed, when a British colonial official, Inspector Robert Ashe, the Collector of Tinnevelly district of Madras presidency, was assassinated in 1911, the blame was laid squarely (and probably truthfully) at VVS Aiyar, who had probably trained the assassin in the use of the revolver in Pondicherry (Foreign and Political Department 1914 General (Confidential) Series B, No.
There was a substantial pocket of Christians in the Tinnevelly area, and over time they had become quite ecumenical.
Sennoside yields in Tinnevelly senna affected by deflowering and leaf maturity.
102) Finally, it is unlikely that yields in Tanjore were so much lower than in Tinnevelly and Madurai.
At least twenty other major works, such as his monumental Political and General History of the Tinnevelly District (1881) and his Records of the Early History of the Tinnevelly Mission (1881), attest his enormous erudition and industry.
The second crisis, which changed his career, centres on why Neill was dismissed from the Tinnevelly bishopric in 1944.
He spent two decades there (1924-44), rising to the bishopric of the Tinnevelly diocese in 1939.
In 1930 he became warden of a CMS seminary in the town of Nazareth, Tinnevelly (in modern day Tamil-Nadu), serving in that capacity until rising to the Tinnevelly bishopric in 1939.
Especially noteworthy is the work of Labbai craftsmen in Tinnevelly district, whose 140-count mats of korai grass take twenty-two days to make and are so pliable that they can be folded without any damage.
The Tinnevelly Bible and Tract Society (founded in 1822) printed 45,000 tracts and boasted a 1,237-rupee surplus.
19) In verse 12 Anapiyya identifies both patrons as coming from Mettar, an area in Tinnevelly district in which many Muslim Tamils lived.
In the far south, at Tinnevelly, he attempted to intervene in a dispute between the CMS and some of its own German agents, led by the Lutheran K.