medieval city, Egypt: see TennisTennis
or Tinnis
, medieval city of Egypt, on an island in Lake Manzala, southwest of modern Port Said. Tennis, founded when Tanis was abandoned, was a port and center of commerce of some importance.
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theory postulates that the "game of kings", tennis, has Arab roots, with the name derived from the city of Tinnis in Egypt, and the word "racquet" an alteration of "rahat" (Arabic for the palm of the hand).
Rugby won the event 4-1 against Welford, with Brian Boardman winning the four wood singles 21-18 against Andrew Smith; Trevor Wells and Scobie Barratt 21-18 pairs winners against Peter Day and Lew Whitehouse; Keith Andrews, Gordon Marchant and Mick Lill 28-7 triples victors over Richard Green, Mick Hawkins and Simon Davies; and Brian Thompson, Bruce Truman, Darren Ward and Calvin Wells 23-16 conquerors of Roger Howe, Ian Smith, Martin Tinnis and Trevor Francis.
There are, moreover, many surprises: items of unexpected interest, fascinating details of Fatimid arts and sciences, of minority communities, of external trade, the city of Tinnis, and much more.
Romantic Neil Tinnis parachuted into his girlfriend's garden in Colorado with an engagement ring - and broke both his legs when he landed.
It was estimated that daily tax revenue from the city of Fustat was, on the average, 880,000 dirhams, or $107,317; from Damietta, Tinnis and Ushmunain (in Egypt) 2,200,000 dirhams or $268,292.
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Stuart Tinnis and Shaun Ingram also got on the score-sheet with consolation goals for the home side by Jamie Glover and Simon May.
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