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URL shortening

Converting a long URL name into a short one. Also called "URL redirecting," there are free URL shortening services on the Web that take a long URL and convert it to a short one for publication on a Web page or other venue. When the short URL is clicked, the URL shortening service receives the request and redirects it to the long URL.

Short URLs are widely used to slim down long URLs printed in magazines and newspapers to make it easier to type into a browser. They are also used in email, because URLs in the message often wind up as two lines of text at the recipient's end that cannot be clicked as one link. Although the recipient can copy the two lines back together in the browser's address bar, the short URL eliminates the potential problem.

URL Shortening Sites




   www.qURL.com  (Quick URL)

   www.Shorl.com  (Shorlify)



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