tip radius

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propeller radius

The radius of a propeller disc (i.e., the distance of a propeller tip from the axis of rotation). Also called a tip radius.
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The work includes experimental and numerical studies of effects of significant parameters including sheet metal thickness, sheet metal anisotropy and punch tip radius on spring-back / spring-go in V-die bending.
The new coupler has a limited increase in tip radius over pin-on mounting.
The topics include the nanometer-scale mechanical behavior of grain boundaries, the influence of nano-indenter tip radius on the estimation of the elastic modulus, thermo-mechanical behavior at nanoscale and size effects in shape memory alloys, in situ spectroscopy and modeling of deformation behavior in nanoscale interfacial materials, and modeling the dislocation-void interaction in a dislocation dynamics simulation.
10(a), it is assumed that the hole surface was evenly deformed, but in case of the smaller tip radius, 10(b), some micro cracks could be detected on the hole wall.
The calibration was performed before (on the silicon chip of the tip radius calibrating sample) and after the nanoindentations (on the silicon chip of the spring constant reference sample).
The tip radius is shorter than the standard bucket to keep the breakout forces high, but is long enough to form a V shape that is structurally sound for ripping and prying.
Exact compensation for the probe tip radius requires that the measured coordinates of the center of the probe be increased by a vector whose magnitude is equal to the probe radius and whose direction goes from the measured coordinates of the center of the probe to the point of contact with the surface.
The tests were carried out on both specimens using diamond Rockwell indenter with the tip radius of 200 [mu]m.
With a tip radius of 15 to 20 nm, the probe, which can be operated in contact and tapping mode, is able to improve lateral resolution as compared to conventional probes made from silicon and silicon nitride.
Tip radius and morphology is observed in a FEI Quanta 200 Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM).