Tipografiia Chronicle

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Tipografiia Chronicle


an all-Russian collection of chronicles compiled in the late 1520’s at the St. Sergius Trinity Monastery by followers of Metropolitan Daniil. The Tipografskaia Chronicle was based mainly on a chronicle similar to the Laurentian Chronicle (with additions made in Rostov), an abbreviated Moscow codex of 1479, the Rostov codex of Archbishop Tikhon, and the St. Sergius Trinity codex (with local notes).

Much of the information contained in the Tipografskaia Chronicle is not available in other sources. In 1558 the work was continued in the St. Sergius Trinity Monastery by the addition of material from the Nikon Chronicle and tales of the capture of Kazan. In 1784 and 1853 the chronicle was published by the Moscow Synod Printing House, the library of which housed the work.


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