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Tippoo Sahib


Tipu Sahib

(both: tĭp`o͞o sä`hĭb), 1749–99, Indian ruler, sultan of Mysore (1782–99); son and successor of Haidar AliHaidar Ali
or Hyder Ali
, 1722–82, Indian ruler. A Muslim of peasant stock, he rose by military brilliance to command the army of the Hindu state of Mysore.
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. He fought in his father's campaigns against the Marathas and the British but, after his succession, made peace with the British in 1784. His invasion (1789) of Travancore, a state under British protection, provoked war anew, and in 1792 he was defeated by a force under Lord Cornwallis composed of British, Maratha, and Hyderabad troops. He was forced to cede territory. In 1798, Tippoo formed a vague alliance with the French, which gave the British governor-general Lord Wellesley a pretext to invade Mysore in alliance with the nizam of Hyderabad. Tippoo was killed (May, 1799) defending his capital at ShrirangapattanaShrirangapattana
, formerly Srirangapatna
, town (1991 pop. 21,905), Karnataka state, S India, on an island in the Kaveri River. There are Hindu monuments, some built in the 13th cent. Most of the large buildings date from the 17th and 18th cent.
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. His kingdom was divided among the victors.


See M. Hasan Khan, History of Tipu Sultan (1951); biography by D. M. Forrest (1970).

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To enlighten the participants, the speakers were Mujeeb Ahmed Khan, Head WTO Cell and Research and Analysis Directorate, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan, Karachi and Tippu Sultan, Head Advisory Services TDAP who threw light on the significance of the EU ATP's for the exports of Pakistan and in all the economy of Pakistan.
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