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in the Bible, epithet of Elijah, referring to Tishbe, his place of origin or his family.
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Perhaps, like that other god of whom the ironical Tishbite spoke, he was talking, or he was pursuing, or he was in a journey, or he was sleeping and not to be awaked.
Perhaps, like that other god of whom the ironical Tishbite spoke, he was talking, or he was pursuing, or he was in a journey, or he was sleeping and not to be awaked.
(1.) The Bible does not tell directly how long Elisha ben Shaphat served as a disciple to Elijah the Tishbite. Elisha is appointed at the end of 1 Kings 19.
As a result, God will punish Ahab and Jezebel in a "mirror effect": everything in the king and queen's deviation that they tried to conceal by framing Naboth will be punished "measure for measure." Let us look at this "mirror effect" in the words of the prophet Elijah: Then the word of the LORD came to Elijah the Tishbite: 'Go down and confront King Ahab of Israel who [resides] in Samaria.
Vic Ridgway writes: "Following you piece about my father (Ernest Ridgway) and the David Brown boat Tishbite, I received a call from a retired Park Works senior engineer Mr Len Varley (84 years old).
One was the Tishbite whom the raven fed, As when he stood on Carmel-steeps, With one arm stretched out bare, and mocked and said, "Come cry aloud--he sleeps." Tall, eager, lean and strong, his cloak windborne Behind, his forehead 'heavenly-bright From the clear marble pouring glorious scorn, Lit as with inner light.
When he preaches at Tardebigge there is always a full house - he reminds me much of Elijah, The Tishbite, Thus saith the Lord.
Elijah the Tishbite, a successful merchant who communicated with his beloved dead wife, funded Matthias's elaborate wardrobe and refined tastes, such as the custom-made silverware engraved with the Lion of Judah and inscribed, "The Kingdom is at hand." Ann Folger and her husband, Benjamin, a struggling businessman, joined the Kingdom only to have their marriage founder when Ann became Matthias's lover, "match spirit" and wife whom the Kingdomites thereafter called "Mother." Isabella Van Wagenen, a former slave drawn to Matthias's household and then to his prophecies, was distanced from the others by her race, status and good sense, and became a source of shrewd perceptions, emotional equilibrium and damning testimony, but she never relinquished her fervent mysticism.
Four hundred years after the time of Moses, Elijah the Tishbite (mid-ninth-century BCE) serves as the greatest religious leader and prophet of his generation, often patterning his acts on the deeds of Moses.
Vic said he thought the boat, named the Tishbite, was completed, because, as an 11-year-old, he remembers being invited on board when it was moored in Scarborough harbour.
He next appears as a raven--a bird that has negative as well as positive associations; it is the devil's bird, cursed for not returning to Noah's ark, the bird of the underworld, but also the bird sacred to Apollo and the God-sent bringer of food to Elijah the Tishbite. Adam's appearance as a raven demonstrates his protean quality, later confirmed by his observation that everyone has "a beast-self--and a bird-self, and a stupid fish-self, ay, and a creeping serpent-self....
The Narrator introduces him as Elijah the Tishbite of Tishbee [or: of the inhabitants] of Gilead (I Kgs.