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see SquantoSquanto
or Tisquantum,
d. 1622, Native American of the Patuxet (or Pawtuxet) band, part of the Wampanoag confederation. He is sometimes thought to be the Native American taken to England from the Maine coast by George Weymouth (1605) and returned by John Smith in 1615,
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their own language, he returned with Tisquantum, who spoke it fluently.
Squanto, as they called Tisquantum, showed them how to plant corn and fertilize the kernels with a fish, and otherwise increase their food production.
Tisquantum (called Squanto by the Europeans) was a Patuxet Wampanoag who had been kidnapped by Europeans and sold into slavery a few years before the epidemic.
As the "starving time" of the European's first winter turned to spring, Tisquantum began to teach the settlers how to survive, and he set up a meeting between Massasoit and the first governor of Plimoth, John Carver.
He sent two warriors, Tisquantum (Squanto) and Hobbamock, to help the Pilgrims, whom they taught how to plant corn.
He, along with a captive from Patuxet named Tisquantum (or, more commonly, Squanto), served the critical role as translators and diplomatic liaisons between the Pilgrims and various native groups.