Tithonian Stage

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Tithonian Stage


the uppermost stage of the Jurassic system in the Mediterranean region.

The Tithonian stage was distinguished by the German geologist A. Oppel in 1856. It is divided into two substages and six zones, according to ammonite composition. It is represented mainly by limestones; in certain places it contains deposits of gypsums, rock salts, and potassium salts. In the USSR it is found in the Crimea, the Caucasus, and Kopetdag.

The Tithonian stage is stratigraphically equivalent to the Volga stage of the East European Platform (see alsoPORTLANDIAN STAGE).

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I was not exactly upset at being woken earlier but the birds' behaviour seemed odd and I thought that probably Aves (birds) - the ancestors of Archaeopteryx lithographical from the Tithonian stage of the Late Jurassic age some 150-145 million years ago - too are going cuckoo like us human beings.
There are deposits from Lusitanian, Kimmeridgian and Tithonian stages in the watershed section, within the lateral ridge on the Tengi range.