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Title List


(titul’nyi spisok), in the USSR, an itemized list of new construction, reconstruction, or expansion projects to be included in a capital investment plan. A title list bears the title and location of each project, the years of beginning and completion of construction, the designed capacity of the project, and the estimated cost of each building based on the volume of capital investment and the introduction of production capacities and fixed capital.

Title lists must correspond to the goals of proportioned development of the national economy of the USSR, which emphasize the development of the progressive sectors of industry. They must ensure the required concentration of monetary and material resources for commissioning construction projects, high economic efficiency of capital investments, and minimization of building time. Title lists include only those projects that have approved plans and estimates by the beginning of the plan period. A distinction is made between title lists of projects and intraproject title lists; the latter distribute capital investments according to the goals and expenditures for each project within a plan.

Depending on the nature and costs of construction, title lists are subject to confirmation by the Council of Ministers of the USSR, the councils of ministers of the Union republics, the ministries and departments of the USSR, the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions, and other bodies.

Intraproject title lists specify the planned introduction of production capacities and fixed capital in the plan year and the volume of work that must be carried out to ensure completion of the construction of the enterprises or projects within the time limits established in the approved project title lists. They are the basis for the financing of construction and for the operational planning of construction work. Intraproject title lists are drawn up in accordance with a list of work and expenditures in the overall financial estimate for the project. The distribution of capital investments in intraproject title lists must primarily ensure the completion of current complex projects for new production capacities and fixed capital, the fastest possible completion of projects already begun, and the completion of work preparatory to beginning construction of basic projects. Regardless of estimated costs, intraproject title lists are subject to approval by clients in agreements with general contracting construction organizations.

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