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a family of Russian cultural figures.

Nikolai Sergeevich Titov. Years of birth and death unknown. Eighteenth-century poet, dramatist, and composer.

N. S. Titov served in the military, attaining the rank of colonel. From 1766 to 1769 he was director of the Moscow Public Theater. He wrote comedies, including The Deceived Guardian and The Heirs, poems, and the lyrics and music for the songs in the Russian national festival presentation The New Year, or the Celebration of St. Basil’s Eve (presented 1768).

Aleksei Nikolaevich Titov. Born July 12 (23), 1769, in St. Petersburg; died there Nov. 8 (20), 1827. Composer and violinist. Major general. Son of Nikolai Sergeevich Titov.

A. N. Titov composed numerous operas, including The Postal Station (to a text by Ia. B. Kniazhnin, 1805), music for the theater, and probably the ballet The New Werther (1799; sometimes attributed to his brother Sergei). His house was a center of musical, literary, and theatrical life in St. Petersburg.

Sergei Nikolaevich Titov. Born 1770; died Mar. 24 (Apr. 5), 1825. Composer and cellist. Lieutenant general. Son of Nikolai Sergeevich Titov.

S. N. Titov entered the civil service in 1811. He wrote works for the musical stage, including the opera The Peasants, or the Reception for the Uninvited (presented 1814), and arrangements of Russian folk songs. He participated in musical gatherings at his brother’s home.

Mikhail Alekseevich Titov. Born Sept. 5 (17), 1804, in St. Petersburg; died Dec. 3 (15), 1853, in Pavlovsk. Composer. Son of Aleksei Nikolaevich Titov.

An officer in the Preobrazhenskii Regiment, M. A. Titov retired from military service in 1830 and settled in Pavlovsk. He composed salon pieces for the piano and Russian and French romances, including “Tell Me Why I Saw You?” and “Oh, I Am Alone in the World.”

Nikolai Alekseevich Titov. Born Apr. 28 (May 10), 1800, in St. Petersburg; died there Dec. 10 (22), 1875. Composer. Major general. Son of Aleksei Nikolaevich Titov.

N. A. Titov composed romances, including “The Solitary Pine,” “The Blue Scarf,” and “The Treacherous Friend.” He was called “the grandfather of the Russian romance,” although the genre had appeared earlier. He also wrote works for piano, including the popular quadrille “The Sins of Youth.”

Nikolai Sergeevich Titov. Born 1798; died 1843, in Moscow. Composer. Officer in the Semenovskii Regiment. Son of Sergei Nikolaevich Titov.

N. S. Titov composed romances, including some to words by A. S. Pushkin: “The Talisman,” “Beauty, Do Not Sing in My Presence,” and “Toward Evening in the Rainy Autumn.”


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