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a city (since 1942) under republic (ASSR) jurisdiction in the Abkhazian ASSR. Situated on the Galidzga River, which empties into the Black Sea. Connected by a 26-km railroad branch with the Ochamchira station on the Armavir-Samtredia line. Population, 24,800 (1975).

Tkvarcheli, which is in a coal-mining area, has an ore-dressing works that supplies the Rustavi Metallurgical Plant with coking coal concentrates. The city also has a state regional electric power plant. Industry is represented by a building-materials plant and the production of reinforced-concrete components. A dolomite mine is under construction (1976).

Tkvarcheli is a balneological health resort. Summers are warm, with an average July temperature of 20°C, and winters are relatively mild, with an average January temperature of –6°C; annual precipitation exceeds 2,000 mm. Curative measures include slightly radioactive mineral springs, the water in which has the chemical composition

and is used for bathing. The resort treats patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the peripheral nervous system. Tkvarcheli has a sanatorium and a bathhouse.

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41) In addition, new checkpoints were added in the Ochamchire and Tkvarcheli regions and an additional 400 Volgograd railway troops were deployed.
persons appealed to the hospital of Tkvarcheli town during three days.
Manifiesta su beneplacito por la continuacion de las actividades del PNUD en los distritos de Gali, Ochamchira y Tkvarcheli y la apertura de las oficinas del PNUD en Sujumi y Gali;
vicinity of Sukhumi and Tkvarcheli (breakaway Abkhazia), without any permission.