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The re-injection of gas during TLD is one of the five new technologies used to enable the production of petroleum and gas in Libra.
As a result, the .app domain will be the first TLD to be enforced with security protocols and made available for general registration.
Single Pedestrian Tracking with TLD. Single pedestrian tracking with TLD include three components, namely, tracking, learning, and detection [5].
The company said TLD, which is an antiretroviral (ARV) fixed-dose combination, will be available in developing countries as a first-line regimen for people being treated for HIV/AIDS under the US President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR).
For the central phantom slab to accommodate the circular TLD chips, there was a hole (1.2 cm in diameter) in the center where the radioactive stents could be placed.
Three passive controllers included in this study, TLD, TLCD, and TMD systems, were used as shown in Figures 1(b), 1(c), and 1(d), respectively.
On the other hand, does the TLD proliferation matter?
With trillions of dollars being invested in green projects and millions of people changing their habits, this is the TLD that will make it easier to find green solutions online.
With its extensive registrar channel and deep understanding of the domain name market, Uniregistry intends to broaden the reach of top-level domain, extending the influence of this first social cause TLD.
TLD hosted 'customer days' at its recently-opened manufacturing plant at Sorigny, France, on November 13-14.
[W]hen a trademark, service mark, collective mark, or certification mark is composed, in whole or in part, of a domain name, neither the beginning of the [uniform resource locator ("URL")] ("http://www.") nor the TLD has any source-indicating significance.
Asked to gauge the mood in Congress on TTIP, TLD Co-Chair Christian Ehler (EPP, Germany) said "it is reassuring that there is a bipartisan approach," with Democrats and Republicans having a positive attitude.