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(organic chemistry)



In the old Russian system of counting 10,000 was called a t’ma, and 100,000 a t’ma tem. The word t’ma is used in a figurative sense to refer to a multitude, or great number.


Abbr. for “Tile Manufacturers Association.”
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Founded in 2001, TMA prepares students to succeed in college and its curriculum emphasizes elements of law and justice throughout all subject areas.
In addition to Victor, TMA Global's leadership team will include current TMA President, Honorable Kevin J.
Government policy and news, as well as trends for the TMA industry are discussed.
The nonthyroidal tissue cores included at the periphery of the TMA provided controls for various primary antibodies.
The notice also stated that the Saddar TMA is changing the names "under the powers vested to the TMAs under the Sindh Local Government Ordinance, 1979".
At present, TMA has less than 200 staff and five Boeing 707 planes that are parked at Rafik Hariri International Airport.
TMA is a technology which potentially can be incorporated into driver chips to bring Active Matrix (AM) capabilities to Passive Matrix (PM) displays.
The TMA Precision Metalworking Competition is open to any student in a manufacturing technology education or accredited metals class in any Illinois public or private high school.
I've relied heavily on this time line as the steering device to a successful and comprehensive plan for reaching the goals that grew out of the mission of TMA.
The addition of tag sequences improved TMA efficiency, with a 10-bp tag giving the highest signal, approximately fourfold higher than the signal with no tag reverse primer.
Justice Department to investigate alleged price-fixing and group boycotting between TMA and the CWA.
As a result of the stock split, each TMA shareholder will receive 1 additional share of TMA's common stock for every 5 shares of common stock they hold as of the record date.