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(organic chemistry)



In the old Russian system of counting 10,000 was called a t’ma, and 100,000 a t’ma tem. The word t’ma is used in a figurative sense to refer to a multitude, or great number.


Abbr. for “Tile Manufacturers Association.”
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Gerben Matroos, Managing Director of TMA, noted: With this step we have the opportunity to grow sustainably in the Amsterdam-Rotterdam-Antwerp range.
In 2008 businessman Mazen Bissat acquired TMA for only $1 and agreed to settle all the arrears of the firm.
Only 4 follicular adenomas (of 26) and 1 goiter (of 27) were positive for HBME1 on the TMA (5 of 80), whereas the corresponding whole section immunohistochemistry showed positive expression in 9 cases (1 of 8 FTCs, 4 of 26 adenomas, and 4 of 27 goiters).
However, Former Karachi leader Niamatullah Khan opposed the move and said there was no such power granted to the TMAs in the local government ordinance.
The TMA Manufacturing Technology Essay Contest encourages seventh and eighth grade students to expand their knowledge of the manufacturing process and the skills required to excel in the industry.
Along came Bobbi's files--and fortunately for me--the support of a well-known colleague, Deborah Maus, executive director of the South Natomas chapter of TMA in Sacramento, California.
To increase TMA amplification efficiency, a tag sequence that was not complementary to the telomeric repeat sequence was added to the 3' end of the reverse primer in TMA.
TMA was unable to secure a major contract with harbor trucking companies.
Eleven of the accidents were with trucks equipped with a TMA and 29 were with trucks not equipped with TMAs.
As a result of the stock split, each TMA shareholder will receive 1 additional share of TMA's common stock for every 5 shares of common stock they hold as of the record date.
KARACHI -- The Chairman, Public Accounts Committee has rescheduled the meeting of Public Accounts Committee of TMA Saddar, TMA SITE, TMA Gulshan-e-Iqbal, TMA Orangi Town, TMA Baldia Town for Audit year 2012-13 and 2013-14 and now will be held on Monday, 25-9-2017 at 02:00 PM.
3 million had been released to each member of TMA Kalar Syedian but the administration of TMA while violating merit has awarded all contracts to its blue-eyed contractors four months before in the office.